What is the Able Shepherd program?

Able Shepherd™ is the standard-setting, nationally-recognized progressive tactical training program in Denver, Colorado, designed to teach situational awareness, leadership, first aid and protective tactics that can be applied to virtually any threatened environment. We operate from the belief that your family’s immediate safety cannot be delegated; you can be the fastest and most capable ‘first responder’ in your immediate vicinity.

At its core, Able Shepherd™ is an elite-level self-defense training program utilizing armed and unarmed tactics. Graduates become known as “Able Shepherds,” gaining skills that empower themselves to actively protect, guide and strengthen their communities. Our goal is to make you, and those around you, safer. We do this by holding you to the highest of moral, ethical and tactical standards.

Able = Capable. 

Shepherd = Teach, Lead, Protect.

Tactical Training

Our Denver Colorado facility provides real-world training in live shooting range and simulation scenario-based multi-room shoothouses.

First Aid

We provide classes open to the public for Stop the Bleed and First Aid CPR/AED.  We also provide Family Emergency Readiness Classes designed for you and your loved ones.

Private Training

Our skilled instructors provide one-on-one private training to individuals looking to enhance their skills or fit their gear properly.

Security Teams 

We provide advanced tactical training to private church and school security teams from around the country.  This includes training, audits, and assessments for your security team.

Community Events

Special training events, community gatherings, and family-focused events are a large focus of what we do as we practice our motto of “Take Care of One Another”.


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DISCLAIMER: Always obey all firearm safety rules when handling, shooting, cleaning, and storing firearms. Only practice live fire training at shooting ranges designed and appropriate for shooting live ammunition. The tips, opinions, techniques, and strategies on this website are for training purposes only. Only practice the techniques and strategies with trained and qualified professionals in an environment suitable for such training. Techniques and strategies on this website related to security protocols should be implemented by trained professionals in conjunction with a comprehensive security scheme. Techniques and strategies related to defending against active shooters and other violent encounters are constantly changing and evolving. Able Shepherd therefore does not guarantee any outcomes. The contents of this webpage and associated photos, video, graphics, or other materials may describe or reenact active shooter scenarios or other violent scenarios which may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.