Partner with the best and most qualified training team in the nation

At Centennial Gun Club Campus

Developed & Directed by Veteran US Navy SEAL and GRS Instructor JIMMY GRAHAM

Able Shepherd™ is the standards-setting, nationally-recognized progressive training program designed to teach men and women situational leadership and protective tactics that can be applied to virtually any threatened environment. We operate from the belief that your family’s immediate safety cannot be delegated; you can be the fastest and most capable ‘first responder’ in your immediate vicinity.

At its core, Able Shepherd™ is an elite level self-defense program utilizing armed and unarmed tactics. Graduates become known as “Able Shepherds,” gaining skills that empower themselves to actively protect, guide and strengthen their communities. Our goal is to make you and those around you safer. We do this by holding you to the highest of moral, ethical and tactical standards.

Who Is Able Shepherd For?

Being an Able Shepherd means you have:

  • Attained an elevated standard of training with primary and secondary weapons platforms
  • Aspired to a higher standard that is predetermined from within the group
  • Have agreed to be accountable to one another

Being an Able Shepherd means you RECEIVE:

  • The coveted Able ShepherdTM Challenge Coin
  • The official Able ShepherdTM Patch
  • Access to the private Able ShepherdTM group forums and special events


  • Uniformity: Display a high level of proficiency in reality- based validations. Demonstrate the ability to shoot, move, and communicate with team members under stress.
  • Safety: Consistently manipulate weapons platforms with the highest level of efficiency and safety.
  • Accuracy: Have voluntarily subjected themselves to Phase Line Evaluations for accurate fire under stress and have passed the designated standard.