These 5-Day courses are specifically designed for groups of 5 or more with an interest in rapidly developing the team skills necessary to effectively respond to an active shooter violent encounter/situation.

Due to the rapid advancement of the curriculum, this option is not recommended for beginners.

This course is a favorite with our out-of-town guests.

When: Please Call 720-775-5674
Cost: Starting at $3500 per person/course


Course 1 Covers (5 consecutive days):

Unarmed tactical foundation, pistol skills, entry and movement with a pistol.

This is equal to the P.O.P course, the Able Shepherd Phase 1 & 2, and the Phase 1 & 2 Tests. At the end of the 5 days you will be ready for Able Shepherd Phase 3.


Course 2 Covers (5 consecutive days):

Course 2 starts where Course 1 leaves off.

AR training, AR tactical skills, live-fire AR and pistol, hostage recovery, emergency medical training, and a final training exercise.

This is equal to the Able Shepherd Phase 3, live drills, entry drills and tests with both rifle and pistol. At the end of the 5 days you will be ready to test for the Able Shepherd designation.


Call to Schedule 5-day Intensive Training: 720-775-5674


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DISCLAIMER: Always obey all firearm safety rules when handling, shooting, cleaning, and storing firearms. Only practice live fire training at shooting ranges designed and appropriate for shooting live ammunition. The tips, opinions, techniques, and strategies on this website are for training purposes only. Only practice the techniques and strategies with trained and qualified professionals in an environment suitable for such training. Techniques and strategies on this website related to security protocols should be implemented by trained professionals in conjunction with a comprehensive security scheme. Techniques and strategies related to defending against active shooters and other violent encounters are constantly changing and evolving. Able Shepherd therefore does not guarantee any outcomes. The contents of this webpage and associated photos, video, graphics, or other materials may describe or reenact active shooter scenarios or other violent scenarios which may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.