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Protector Culture Podcast Ep 93: DC Reflections


During the Remember Benghazi Ride honoring the 10th Anniversary of the attack on the United States Embassy in Benghazi, Jimmy was introduced to Tyler Wilschetz, the Executive Pastor at Veneration Church in Kalispel, MT Listen to Tyler’s story in which he survived a Grizzly bear attack, along with some of the actions, thoughts, and prayers of the day as he ventured into the woods at the start of the 2021 archery hunting season. As part of their introduction to each other in Big Fork, MT, and with Jimmy’s speech during the 10th anniversary memorial, Tyler recounts how Jimmy’s story resonated within him and how Tyler applied on of the components in a recent sermon. Enjoy as Jimmy and Tyler discuss the ‘J turn” and when you find yourself in a difficult situation, why you must throw it in reverse to get away from the threat, and escape to safety, while being mindful evil is pursuing us, staying in neutral is death, so you must stay in gear and drive. In the end, we as a country are going in the wrong direction. and we must turn this thing around, it must be intentional to keep moving towards good as evil will continue to pursue us.

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