Why Able Shepherd?

According to the FBI, Active Shooter Incidents are on the rise and the majority of them occur in places of business. Active shooter response training offers comprehensive preparedness for life-threatening situations.


No matter who you are or what your level of training, we specialize in helping you reach your personal objectives at YOUR pace, safely. Start by building a strong foundation in the Protecting Our People class (POP).


Take the next step to advance your personal defense skills at your own pace with our ABLE SHEPHERD™ PROGRAM classes. Partner with us as you progress through the phase lines from Phase 1 Pistol-Static (Foundation), Phase 2 Pistol-Dynamic (Tactical Movement), Phase 3 Rifle w/ Pistol-Dynamic (Primary/Secondary Firearms with Tactical Movement) and achieve the designation of ABLE SHEPHERD to continue on to further advance your Tactical Response Capability.


Our facility includes a training classroom, open training floor, simulation room, live-fire multi-lane shooting range & a debriefing lounge. We also regularly utilize off-site venues to further enhance your response skills and capabilities.

Who We Are

Able Shepherd is an elite level self-defense program utilizing armed and unarmed skills. Our goal is to make you and those around you safer. Our Director/Lead Instructor is a veteran US Navy SEAL and Master Training Specialist committed to the overall preparedness of you and your love ones.

What We Do

Able Shepherd enhances the personal and team capability of students at ALL levels of experience. We are dedicated to delivering elite level training that is professionally presented, safely conducted and appropriately scaled to enhance YOUR response to an Active Shooter Situation or Violent Encounter.

“Able Shepherd” is a designation for individuals that have:

  • Attained an elevated standard of training with primary and secondary weapons platforms (rifle/pistol).
  • Aspired to a higher standard that is predetermined from within the group
  • Have agreed to be accountable to one another.

Able Shepherds receive access to the Able Shepherd Group on Facebook, Challenge Coin, and Patch.

Held to a higher standard

Uniformity Have displayed a high level of proficiency in reality based validations and have demonstrated the ability to shoot, move, and communicate with team members under stress. Safety Consistently manipulates weapons platforms with the highest level of efficiency and safety. Accuracy Have voluntarily subjected themselves to Phase Line Evaluations for accurate fire under stress and have passed the designated standard. Able Shepherd has set a standard for a progressive training program so that if/when an Able Shepherd is called upon, there is a reliable assumption that they are ready and able to serve.

“Able Shepherd is a progressive training program designed to empower members, known as “Shepherds”, with a variety of skills to better themselves in order to protect, guide and strengthen their communities. The motto is “Take Care of One Another”. Shepherds are guided by biblical principles and hold themselves to a higher standard. Some of the best parts of the “Teams” that I greatly miss (brotherhood, camaraderie, accountability, etc.), I can have again with my buddies here at home. This is about more than just shooting guns… but we shoot guns… a lot.”

Jimmy Graham, Founder/CEO, veteran US Navy SEAL