What is the Able Shepherd program?

Able Shepherd™ is the standard-setting, nationally-recognized progressive tactical training program in Denver, Colorado, designed to teach situational awareness, leadership, first aid and protective tactics that can be applied to virtually any threatened environment. We operate from the belief that your family’s immediate safety cannot be delegated; you can be the fastest and most capable ‘first responder’ in your immediate vicinity.

At its core, Able Shepherd™ is an elite-level self-defense program utilizing armed and unarmed tactics. Graduates become known as “Able Shepherds,” gaining skills that empower themselves to actively protect, guide and strengthen their communities. Our goal is to make you, and those around you, safer. We do this by holding you to the highest of moral, ethical and tactical standards.

“Able Shepherd is a progressive training program designed to empower members to protect, guide and strengthen their communities. The motto is “Take Care of One Another”. Some of the best parts of the SEAL Teams that I greatly miss (brotherhood, camaraderie, accountability…), I have found again with my buddies here at home in the Able Shepherd Program.”

Jimmy Graham, Founder/CEO, veteran US Navy SEAL

Our Core Values



Show Respect; Be nobly worthy of respect.



Steadfastly adhere to a strict moral or ethical code.



Start with yourself, and grow outward.

What is Reality Based Training?

In this video, Able Shepherd CEO and Founder Jimmy Graham explains the importance of real-life scenario-based live-action training. Using our advanced shoothouse, Simunition rounds and trained roleplayers, our reality-based training program is as real as it gets!

What is a Dynamic Live Range?

Jimmy Graham, CEO and Founder of the Able Shepherd program, shares why the ability to move, or go ‘dynamic’ within a range is paramount to proper training. Our team of Dynamic Range Safety Officers ensure that your training ‘downrange’ is upheld with the highest standards of safety and care.

Our Facilities

Our facilities include training classrooms, open training floors, simulation rooms, a live-fire multi-lane shooting range & a debriefing lounge. We also regularly utilize off-site venues to further enhance your response skills and capabilities.

Training Classroom

Our large training classroom is equipped with projector and sound giving us the ability to benefit from presentations, real-world video clips, and online references to aid our instruction and discussions.

Open Training Floor

Our large open training floor provides us with enough room to get on our feet and perform the drills necessary to learn skills in a manner that is fun and effective.

Designated Simulation Room

In our Simulation room we can specifically design realistic scenarios to validate the skills learned that day. Students will engage real people with non-lethal training rounds to demonstrate split second Shoot or No-Shoot responses.

Designated Live-Fire Multi-Lane Shooting Range

Our 6 lane, indoor, Live-Fire shooting range is equipped with programmable turning targets allowing us to train year-round, rain, snow or shine.

Debriefing Lounge

The Debriefing Lounge provides us with a location to unwind and discuss lessons learned after an “exciting” experience in a scenario. Any mistakes are respectfully addressed for future correction and successes are reinforced for retention. The only way we get better is to honestly evaluate our capabilities, strengths and weaknesses in training… and then improve them for ‘what if’ situations in the future.

Our Team

All of our instructors are Able Shepherd Certified, Dynamic Range Safety Officers, CPR/AED First Aid Certified, and are held to the highest standards of proficiency through regular testing and recertification.

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham

Founder, CEO

Jimmy spent over 15 years in the US Navy SEAL Teams earning the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E7). During that time, he earned certifications as a Sniper, Joint Tactical Air Controller, Range Safety Officer for Live Fire, Dynamic Movement and Master Training Specialist. He also served for 7 years as an Operator and Lead Instructor for an Elite Federal Government Protective Detail for High-Risk and Critical environments, to include; Kirkuk, Iraq, Kabul, Afghanistan, Beirut, Lebanon and Benghazi, Libya. During this time, he earned his certification for Federal Firearms Instructor, Simunition Scenario Qualified Instructor and Certified Skills Facilitator. Jimmy has trained law enforcement on the Federal, State, and Local levels as well as Fire Department, EMS and Dispatch personnel. He has traveled across the nation training communities in order to enhance their level of readiness in response to active shooter situations. Graham and his team of experts provide hands-on training in both armed and unarmed solutions to terrorist attacks, active shooter threats and potential life-threatening situations.

Parker Mansour

Parker Mansour

Advanced Lead Instructor

Parker achieved Able Shepherd certification in 2017, and has been trained directly by Jimmy Graham, Veteran Navy Seal. Parker became a certified RSO (Range Safety Officer) late 2017 and became certified NRA Instructor shortly thereafter. Early in 2018 Parker was certified as a DRSO (Dynamic Range Safety Officer), and also achieved the rank of Instructor within the Able Shepherd Program.  In 2020 Parker achieved the rank of Lead Instructor.  August 2020 Parker was certified CPR(Adult, Child, Infant)/AED/ & First Aid instructor.  As a Lead Instructor, Parker provides hands-on training in both armed and unarmed solutions, active shooter response, family emergency readiness, and readiness for potential life-threatening situations.

Eric Wong

Eric Wong

Lead Instructor

Eric Wong has trained with Jimmy Graham since early in 2017. He was the 16th person to hold the title of Able Shepherd, and one of the first two to hold the Able Shepherd Green Patch. He has been a student and instructor in the combat arts for much of his life, having studied Kenpo, Aikido, Kali, Escrima, Muy Thai, Judo, and Gymkata (a joke for you Kurt Thomas fans). Eric was a competitive shooter for several years as well. He is also an avid scuba diver, and has traveled the world and dove in 17 different countries.

Todd Brock

Todd Brock


Todd has been shooting and hunting since he was age 10. He was part of his ship’s security team when he was in the Navy, and spent two weeks training at Miramar Naval Air Station training along with Seal Team members, learning to shoot under pressure and movement onboard ships. Todd practiced with his dad who shot IDPA in western Colorado. Found Able Shepherd through mutual friends at his church, joined the program in Feb of 2019, earned his Tan patch in November of 2019, and started working on instruction protocols in March of 2019. He began role playing for the program in Oct. of 2019 and started teaching live fire drills in March of 2021. Todd had a short stint at Centennial Gun Club as the training director from June 2020-Oct 2020 and loves to help people on this journey. Outside of AS he loves spending time with his wife of 28 years and his two boys. Todd loves being outdoors, golfing, and riding bicycles and spent 15 racing both road and mountain bikes and is always striving to become the man God has called him to be. 

Neil Pinkham

Neil Pinkham

Strategic Advisor

When I attended the opening of the Active Shooter Response Training Center (ASRTC), I was instantly hooked; both to it and Jimmy Graham.  I achieved the Able Shepherd rating 14 months later.  I’m amazed that I was able to accomplish this, and I still hold the record for being the oldest to do it.  While I have always felt a great need to provide for and protect my loved ones, I never knew I could attain such skills to assist me in this endeavor.  After finishing a 38-year career as an executive in construction, it is my honor to be the COO of this program.

Melissa Papulias
Operations Manager

Kate Dalbey
Executive Assistant

Brian Karch

Geoff Heil
Roleplayer Coordinator

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