One of the Best Courses I have Attended.

“One of the best courses I have attended. In law enforcement, it is crucial to test new skills while under simulated stress to imprint long lasting muscle memory.”

J.P. Burt / Larkspur, Colorado

We Learned to Communicate as a Team.

“We learned to communicate as a team with one common language. The course exposed many areas of weakness and makes me only want to learn more. The training is second to none.”

Chad Davies / Castle Rock, Colorado

I have the Confidence to make a Difference.

“I now feel that I have the confidence to make a difference and save lives. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone should consider training with Jimmy Graham.”

Chris Waterman, President of Waterman Group Mortgage / Castle Rock, Colorado

Curriculum that was second to None.

“Jimmy listened to our needs and created a curriculum that was second to none. He integrated well with the students and was able to gain their trust very quickly. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Jimmy and DTA for any force-based or tactical law enforcement training.”

Rob Heide, Retired Police Officer and Owner/Lead Instructor,186 Training and Consulting LLC.  Virginia

Training for Tough Decisions.

“Training for tough decisions under Jimmy’s expert eyes prepares you and your family for what life will unexpectedly bring—with confidence.”

Kevin Cullis, Author and Owner of / Littleton, Colorado

I Gained far more than what I Invested.

“Jimmy’s leadership, confidence, and ability to effectively communicate maximized the time we spent together. I gained far more than what I invested.”

Shay Miles, Founder/President of The Cowboy Academy 

Black Forest, Colorado

The Best Training Money can Buy.

“If you want the best training for armed and unarmed conflict, this is it. This IS the best training money can buy.”

Brett Boness, Operations Manager, Ora Labs

Parker, Colorado

Don't be a Potential Victim.

“Friends, EVERYONE would benefit from taking one of these classes! Don’t be a potential victim! An added benefit: IT’S FUN!!!!!!!!!”

Lynn St. Peter / Fort Collins, Colorado





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Active Shooter Response Training Center

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A 501(c)3 Organization

Able Nation supports churches, schools and civic groups, in material and training, for the purpose of increasing safety and security.

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Who runs the Able Shepherd Program?

The Able Shepherd program was developed and is directed by veteran US Navy SEAL and CIA Global Response Staff Instructor Jimmy Graham along with our team of fully certified instructors.

Is this Program for me?

You are your best ‘first responder’ — no one is more capable of providing a first line of defense for you, your family, and your community, than you. If you have an interest in increasing your own capability and cognizance in a threatening situation, then the Able Shepherd Program is for you.

Why do I need this Program?

According to the FBI, Active Shooter Incidents are on the rise and the majority of them occur in places of business, churches and schools. Active shooter response training offers comprehensive preparedness for life-threatening situations.

Why was this Program started?

We have seen a gap in this country between security teams, and the dire need to develop a professional standard across the board, both for civilians and private security.  You are your own first responder, and developing confidence for every day capability is paramount to keep all our communities safe. 

What is Active Shooter Response Training?

We aim to develop a standard across the board for true active shooter response for civilians, law enforcement, and private security.  Current basic protocols in schools and churches are simply not enough, not challenged, not tested, and we aim to change that.  We provide the skills and tactics to help you achieve the confidence to respond to an emergency situation.

Is this program safe?

Safety is number one in our program, at all times. Our instructors are Certified Dynamic Range Safety Officers, and we follow safe protocols before, during, and after every single class. If you are new to a program like this, we welcome you to give it a try and know that we have your back every step of the way.

Why aren’t there more programs like this?

That’s a good question!  With a rise in active shooter events throughout the country, we need this more than ever.  The difference is with our community of members, our special events and gatherings to make this program much more than tactical training.  We say “Come for the family, stay for the training”.

What is Capability + Community?

To be an effective first responder, it takes more than just training.  We strive to provide the knowledge in skills and tactics through armed and unarmed training.  The community is what makes it thrive, by volunteering, taking care of your community, your friends, your family, and always remembering to live by our motto of “Take Care of One Another”.

What is the “USA Standard”?

Uniform. Safe. Accurate.  

Our entire training program is built on this foundation that all members and security teams need to be on the same page, using the same calls, tactics, and standards to ensure safe and effective response throughout the country.  This also ensures every member of our program learns and practices the same exact skills.

What’s in it for me?

We don’t build protectors, we equip them.  If you are a protector at heart, looking to take care of your family and your community, the time and financial investment in yourself becomes invaluable.  Our program is designed for everyone, or all ages and demographics, at an affordable rate, to build self confidence and a stronger community of protectors.

How do I get started?

The P.O.P Course (Protect our People) is our entry course into the program.  Once you complete the P.O.P. class you are eligible to create a membership and continue through the phases of the program.

What is our introductory POP Class?

POP stands for “Protecting Our People”.  This 4 hour class is the foundation in which our program is built, and provides you, and your instructors, the baseline.  This class is focused on giving you an introduction to our program, our values, what you can expect from Reality Based Training, and to get you excited about more to come!  Expect to make mistakes in this class, that’s okay.  This class will provide you the feedback needed to know where you stand in personal self defense.

What comes after the POP Class?

Once you finish the POP class, you’re eligible to start a membership and begin Phase 1. This is where you’ll be introduced into Pistol Static tactics, drills for concealed carry, and a further introduction into Reality Based Training.

What does the Membership include?

Tactical training can be expensive, but the benefits are worth it.  Start with the POP Class for $200 for 4 hours, then you can start a membership.  A membership is $175 per month which includes two classes per month at a discount of 50% versus individual classes.  Tests are $40 each, and you can progress through the Phase Schedule to whatever level of benchmark you’d like to achieve.  Additional classes, drills, and private lessons can always be added on.

How does the Phase Schedule work?

Start with the introductory POP Class. 

Phase 1 is Pistol Static, followed by the Sentry Test.

Phase 2 is Dynamic Pistol with entries followed by the Protector Test.

Phase 3 introduces the AR platform, along with continuing pistol and entries, followed by the Phase 3 Test, then the Able Shepherd Test.

Following successful testing into Able Shepherd status, you’re eligible for advanced training and special events within Phase 4.

What are the benefits of the Phase Schedule?

Everyone starts at the POP class, no matter your experience.  This ensures each member develops Uniform, Safe, and Accurate methods.  In order to proceed to the next level, members must prove their capability to remain within the standard and ensure safety of each member in the program.

Do you provide additional a-la-carte classes?

Yes!  We have several classes that are open to the public without a membership, including our Stop the Bleed, Firearms Cleaning & Setup, and Emergency Family Readiness.  Additionally, you can use your credits (or add more) to take extra drills classes, entry classes, live-fire classes and more to help hone your skills or prepare for a test.

Why do we have tests?

This all revolves around the USA Standard to ensure every single member remains Uniform, Safe, and Accurate.  Each phase of the program includes a test to ensure you retain the skills and tactics through each phase, and to ensure you can move on safely to the next phase of the program.  We all fail tests in this program, it’s part of the learning process and only makes us better.

How long does the entire Program take to complete?

With a membership of 2 classes per month, the average member completes all classes and tests through Phase 2 in about 6 months.  The average member graduates to Able Shepherd status in about 10 months, then the real fun begins with Advanced Training.  You can always add additional classes or schedule a 5-Day Intensive Course with a private group to complete up to Phase 2 in 5 days.

Each Able Shepherd must complete a Recall Test every 6 months to remain current.

We always recommend you don’t rush through the program and take advantage of drills and practice classes and private lessons.

What are Recommendations vs Requirements?

What we require in this program is safety.  There are some requirements for calibers on tests, but you are welcome to use whatever gear you’re comfortable with.  However, with our years of experience, we believe we can help recommend the best platforms and gear to make you the best performer possible.

Do I need a pistol to get started?

The short answer is no.  We have pistols you can use for the beginning of the program, but we recommend you ultimately invest in your own gear as you progress, and our team of experts is here to help advise you on the most appropriate gear for you.

What pistol should I buy?

While we can tell you what brands we recommend and what we prefer, ultimately it’s up to you.  Your personal preference, body type and size, and particular needs.  We believe a modern, quality striker-fired pistol provides the highest benefits of reliability and efficiency, and we think you’ll agree as you progress through the phases.  Come talk to us before you make that investment and we’re always happy to advise.

Why do we recommend the “thumbs down” grip?

Plain and simply, dropping your gun is never an option.  A thumbs-up (or competition grip) simply does not provide the same level of retention in your hands while fighting, striking, making entries through doors, etc.  It may take some getting used to, but we promise you’ll see why.

How should I set up my AR?

The answer to this simply comes from the question “what are you asking it to do”?

The core of our program is protective in nature, meaning size and efficiency are important, think 0-250 yards.  Shooter barrels, red dots, minimalist slings etc help to make sure this platform fits best.  For Patrol and longer-range roles, these components will change.

Do you evaluate current security teams?

Yes!  We work with private security teams to provide testing and training to see what standard your team is at.  The Phase 2 (Protector Certified) test is our standard for anyone who wishes to carry a pistol for security duty which includes live-fire and room entries.  Contact us for a private consultation or to check out our classes in person.

How should I set up my own security team for my church or school?

It all starts with the people.  Skill and experience with firearms or military history doesn’t indicate a good member of a security team.  It starts with the heart, the drive, the passion to be a protector, and the skills and tactics will follow.

Will the Police shoot me if I get involved?

In a violent encounter, if you are the first responder and have the training to neutralize a threat in order to save lives, that decision is yours.  Police Deconfliction is a crucial part of training to ensure a good samaritan knows how to properly react to a police response and make sure he or she isn’t misidentified in the process.


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