Corporate Security


Corporate Safety

We work with a variety of corporate clients in the following areas:

Unarmed DEFEND Training sessions for staff

These trainings are an unarmed introduction to our DEFEND training modules. These modules are made up of Defense, Evacuate, Fortify, Emergency Medical Aid, Notify others, and Dial 911. Once we develop this foundational understanding we can work further on improving the safety of your team.

Internal Security Team Training

When you are ready to responsibly consider an armed option to defending those in your care, we can help. This is a serious decision, and it must be done considering liabilities, industry standards, and realistic capabilities.

Employee Termination Consultations

Sometimes individuals are no longer in alignment with your corporate vision. If there is a concern for the safety of others, certain precautions should be taken. Let us partner with you before, during and after the termination meeting so that we can assist you.

Executive Protection Services

Please contact us for pricing as all Executive Protection Services are customized per client objectives and requests.

Past Clients

Weld Central High School

United Power

Colorado Health Foundation

Denver International Airport

Call to Schedule: 720-775-5674

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