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Protector Culture Podcast Ep 93: DC Reflections

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for Able Shepherd. The building expansion is just about underway with a potential building lined up and plans for design already complete. Several new courses including breacher will be making their way to those who are in level 4. Why breaching? If there is a solid door between stopping you from protecting those you love wouldn’t you want the ability to position yourself between the threat and the package? That’s why! The most exciting thing though to come is the Men’s Mission 2023. A Mission to help men define what a man is and have an encounter with God that will forever change their life!

Who’s Jimmy Graham? Jimmy spent over 15 years in the US Navy SEAL Teams earning the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E7). During that time, he earned certifications as a Sniper, Joint Tactical Air Controller, Range Safety Officer for Live Fire, Dynamic Movement and Master Training Specialist. He also served for 7 years as an Operator and Lead Instructor for an Elite Federal Government Protective Detail for High-Risk and Critical environments, to include; Kirkuk, Iraq, Kabul, Afghanistan, Beirut, Lebanon and Benghazi, Libya. During this time he earned his certification for Federal Firearms Instructor, Simunition Scenario Qualified Instructor and Certified Skills Facilitator. Jimmy has trained law enforcement on the Federal, State, and Local levels as well as Fire Department, EMS and Dispatch personnel. His passion is to train communities across the nation in order to enhance their level of readiness in response to active shooter situations. Make sure you subscribe and stay tuned to everything we are doing.

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