Recommended Gear List: Many people have asked “what gear do I need to get started?” In order to save time and money, we’ve added the list and links below.  We will continue to expand and update this list. 

Within the program we will show you why this gear will benefit you, and the options that are out there, but if you have any questions please contact us.   

This list is not mandatory. There is a plethora of gear choices and our standard is that your gear is safe. This is simply an example of choices that will work for you.

Gear List

AR Platform (Primary)

Daniel Defense V7p in 5.56

Magpul back-up sights (or use Daniel Defense fixed rear with a Magpul front flip up)

Single Point Sling Adapter End Plate

Single Point Sling: custom for ASR available at Centennial Gun Club

Red Dot Sight: Recommended Trijicon MRO. Also recommend EoTech or Vortex Sparc AR 

Weapons Catch: Blackhawk CQD Weapons Catch

Mounted Weapon Light: Stream Light TLR-7a

Chest Rig / Plate Carrier

Fight Light MAV 2 Piece (Tactical Tailor)


6 mags on chest, using 3 double stacked HSG Mag Pouches

Nothing in front of pistol draw path

Option 1:

4 mags on chest, using HSG single mag pouches on your chest, with 2 AR mags carried on your belt

Nothing in front or pistol draw path

Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier & Combos

Plates: Vism

Pistol (Secondary)

Glock 19 or Glock 17

Polished factory trigger with Zev race bar and spring kit (Leave the stock striker spring)

Summer (Glock 48 or 43X)

Trijicon HD or HD XR Tritium Sights

Pistol Light: Streamlight TLR 7A

Hand Held Flashlight: Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA



OWB w Retention: Safariland GLS 578
IWB: Milt Sparks Criterion

 Option 2: Mounted Light

OWB w Retention: Safariland ALS for Streamlight TLR 7a
IWB: L.A.G Tactical (Liberator, Super Nova) for Streamlight TLR 7a (we are currently working on a custom holster we can recommend)

You can purchase many of these holsters at either Centennial Gun Club or at the Able Shepherd HQ building.

Mag Pouch

LAG Tactical M.C.S Double Pistol Mag Carrier

 These can be purchased at ASHQ


Attack Pack/Able Shepherd double belt system

This belt system is sold both at Centennial Gun Club and at the Able Shepherd HQ building.

Pistol Safe


The Able Shepherd Face Mask

Jimmy introduces the new and improved Able Shepherd (COVID-19) face mask. Quick video demonstration as to how to lay out the material and make use of the Ranger Rubberband in combination with the aluminum nose piece.

The Custom Cut Belt

Jimmy illustrates the process of custom fitting and cutting your inner belt as part of the Able Shepherd everyday carry solution. Video demonstration of how the belt is adjusted to accommodate an inside the waistband holster as well as the very simple transition to the duty belt when arriving for work at the Able Shepherd Training Center.







Active Shooter Response Training Center

(Main Location)
6649 S. Paris Street
Centennial, CO 80111

Able Shepherd Headquarters

7146 S. Tucson Way
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