Recommended Gear List: Many people have asked “what gear do I need to get started?” In order to save time and money, we’ve added the list and links below.  We will continue to expand and update this list. 

Within the program we will show you why this gear will benefit you, and the options that are out there, but if you have any questions please contact us.   

The products in this list are not mandatory. There is a plethora of gear choices and our only standard is that your gear is safe. This is simply an example of choices that will work for you.

Gear List

Below is a list of our recommended gear and overall requirements for each phase of the program.

PHASE 1 & 2


Below is a list of gear recommendations for Phases 1 and 2.  Although we can supply magazine pouches and pistol holsters for classes, we recommend you invest in these items as you progress through the program and are always happy to help give recommendations on gear.

PISTOL (9mm or greater required for testing)

BELT (external duty belt with inner belt system recommended)


5 MAGAZINES (with the ability to carry at least 45 rounds on your person)



Ammo – 9mm

Pistol (Secondary)

Our Recommendation:

Glock 19, Glock 17-Compact, Glock 43x, Glock 48 – Subcompact

Polished factory trigger with Zev race bar and spring kit (Leave the stock striker spring)

Trijicon HD or HD XR Tritium Sights

Pistol Light: Streamlight TLR 7A for Glock 19 or Glock 17

Pistol Light: Streamlight TLR 7 Sub for Glock 43x/48

Hand Held Flashlight: Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA

All accessories are either in stock at Able Shepherd HQ or available for special order through Able Shepherd, please contact us for details.



OWB: Positive Retention: Safariland GLS 578

IWB with Red Dot: Milt Sparks Versa Max 2

IWB without Red Dot: Milt Sparks Criterion

 Option 2: Pistol Mounted Light

OWB w Retention: Safariland ALS for Streamlight TLR 7a

IWB: L.A.G Tactical (Liberator, Super Nova) for Streamlight TLR 7a (we are currently working on a custom holster we can recommend)

All recommended gear can be purchased at Able Shepherd HQ building, or reach out to us and we can special order most everything.

Mag Pouch

LAG Tactical M.C.S Double Pistol Mag Carrier/Flashlight Holder/ Tourniquet Holder

These can be purchased at ASHQ or individually purchased from LAG Tactical

Belt - Inner and Outer Custom System

Attack Pack/Able Shepherd Double Belt System

This belt system is sold at Able Shepherd HQ

PHASE 3 & 4


Below is a list of gear recommendations for Phases 3 and 4.  Although we can supply magazine pouches and pistol holsters for classes, we recommend you invest in these items as you progress through the program and are always happy to help give recommendations on gear.

PRIMARY AR RIFLE PLATFORM (5.56 or greater required for testing)



Ammo – 9mm + 5.56


AR Platform (Primary)

Our Recommendation: Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 

Iron Sights: Back-up sights (Daniel Defense fixed rear) – Magpul Flip Up Front

Single Point Sling: Custom built by Able Shepherd available at Able Shepherd HQ

    • Single Point Sling Adapter End Plate (if your primary does not already have one)

Red Dot Sight: Recommended Trijicon MRO.

    • Red or Green (Personal Preference)
    • Standard or HD (Standard only a “dot” HD with a 2MOA and 68 MOA reticle)
    • Lower 1/3rd mount
  • (If you are looking for alternatives we can also recommend EoTech or Vortex Sparc AR )

Weapons Retention Device: R2S System from Matchpoint USA.  We are currently working with suppliers and local design firms to design and create a replacement

Mounted Weapon Light: Streamlight TLR RM-1

    • Mounted at the 6-O’Clock position

Alternative: Protac Rail Mount with Monstrum Scout Light Mount

    • Mounted at 45º on ejection port side

All accessories are either in stock at Able Shepherd HQ or available for special order through Able Shepherd, please contact us for details.

Chest Rig / Plate Carrier

Standard Recommendations:

      • Fight Light MAV 2 Piece (Tactical Tailor)
      • 6 mags on chest, using 3 double stacked HSG Mag Pouches
        • Nothing in front of pistol draw path

Optional Setup:

      • Fight Light MAV 2 Piece (Tactical Tailor)
      • 4 mags on chest, using HSG single mag pouches on your chest, with 2 AR mags carried on your belt
        • Nothing in front or pistol draw path

Ballistic Capability:

Plate Carrier: Warrior Assault Systems DCS or V1 Carrier

Plates: Shot Stop GT2

Shooters Cut – Front

SAPI Cut – Rear

All Gear is either available at Able Shepherd HQ, or can be special ordered through Able Shepherd.  Please contact us for details and questions.


Pistol Safe
Firearms Cleaning Kit

Our comprehensive cleaning kit provides all the necessary items to service your pistol and rifle.  Can be purchased at Able Shepherd HQ or call for details.

Visit our YouTube page for gear reviews and product demonstrations.

The Custom Cut Belt

Jimmy illustrates the process of custom fitting and cutting your inner belt as part of the Able Shepherd everyday carry solution. Video demonstration of how the belt is adjusted to accommodate an inside the waistband holster as well as the very simple transition to the duty belt.

Chris Waterman
Chris Waterman
Best training! Don't delay, do it.
John Orefice
John Orefice
Absolutely the best training offered to the general public.
Tom L.
Tom L.
Best personal protection training program you will find. If you want to protect yourself, your family, and your community this is the place to learn, practice, and grow. Great people, great facility, and great training. Take the introductory POP (protect our people) class and you’ll understand.
Alex J Moore
Alex J Moore
So glad to have found out about Able Shepherd from a good friend of mine. I took the POP (Protecting Our People) half day course and was amazed by the organization, professionalism, and breath of skills taught and practiced. I hope to be returning soon to continue my training.
Becky Griess
Becky Griess
Can you truly say you would know what to do in a situation where you had to protect yourself, loved ones or even a stranger? A year and a half ago I would have flippantly said “Oh sure” but truly being afraid of my own shadow. After taking the POP Class and beginning my journey in the Able Shepherd program, I look back and see how naïve I truly was. I have gotten more out of life, live more confidently and feel more secure when I am with my child and by myself from the training and relationships that have been built in this program. When Jimmy, the Able Shepherd Staff and members say, “Come for the training, stay for the family”, every ounce of this is true. I encourage everyone to at least take the POP class. You can never go wrong with Able Shepherd’s training.
Chad Allen
Chad Allen
The best training you can get anywhere! Trust me the training is great but the fellowship puts it over the top!!
Joe Davis
Joe Davis
The Able Shepherd team has taken my training to a whole new level with respect to uniformity, safety and accuracy in a professional and respectful environment. If you want the best in firearms training look no further than Able Shepherd!
RIDDICK Erickson
RIDDICK Erickson
Ive been through the Able Shepherd program and have been being trained by the instructor's for some time now. Never once have i left a class and not learned somthing new. It really is the most applicable training to civilian life iv ever seen. Including personal protection, self defence with all weapons types and family protection. It makes a fire arm a capability not just another untrained tool.
Chad Szpunar
Chad Szpunar
The Able Shepherd training program is outstanding. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Not only do I feel the training received is unparalleled , but they also deliver it in such a way that creates a community based atmosphere to the program, which makes you feel as if you’re part of something special. I would highly recommend the Able Shepherd program to anyone who is looking to learn the importance and skills of protecting yourself, your family, and others around you.


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