Intro to AR


Class Description:

By popular demand, this class was designed to patiently and professionally familiarize students with our specific live-fire fundamentals and procedures with an AR.

  • This class is optional and can be taken as a stand-alone class before or after the Protecting Our People Class. 
  • This class can be taken as many times as you wish.


        In this class we’ll be covering:

        45 min.

        • Present AR (function and postures), accessories, supporting gear and safe storage options.
        • Live-fire range brief and procedures
        • Introduction to the standard Live-Range Safety procedures within the program
        • Basic firearm safety rules and marksmanship fundamentals
        • Address questions that students may have. 

         45 min.

        • Classroom portion will be followed by basic live-fire drills under the direction and control of our expert staff.

         30 min.

        • AR disassembly, cleaning and re-assembly demo

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