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Firearms Cleaning and Set Up

This is an optional course in which students will walk through the set up and cleaning of their firearm.

Intro to Reality Based Training

In our P.O.P. course students were introduced to the basics of pistol fundamentals. By popular demand, in this class we will walk through the 3 Safety Rules, 7 Fundamentals, and Target ID in more detail—accompanied by drills to make you more comfortable with handling a pistol.

Stop the Bleed

Learn the basics of emergency bleeding control products and techniques. The course instructor will present products and applicable skills associated with the basic Able Shepherd emergency vehicle kit to include: Scene assessment, primary assessment, wound packing, and tourniquet placement.

Stop the Bleed classes are available to a member’s family at the discounted price of $100 instead of $175

Protector Certified Multi Room Entries (Pistol)

In this class students (Protector certified and above) will be introduced to the skills needed to clear and safely move through multiple connecting rooms while maintaining optimal 360° coverage and evaluate potential threats as they are encountered.

Students will continue to develop and maintain all previously learned skills in a high paced environment with both physical contact and Simunition fire validation scenarios. Additionally, PMRE introduces some new concepts for re-unification and other skills necessary for moving and entering multiple rooms.

Real world threats can come from any direction—your training should reflect that.

Protector Certified Multi Room Drills (Pistol)

This class will give students (Protector certified and above) the opportunity to refine and maintain previously learned multi room entry skills learned in PMRE and all other previous courses. Drills will consist of clearing and safely moving through multiple connecting rooms while maintaining optimal 360° coverage and evaluating potential threats as they are encountered. This will be a high paced environment with both physical contact and Simunition fire validation.

Real world threats can come from any direction—your training should reflect that.

Ham Radio Testing

HAM Radio testing is available at Able Shepherd Headquarters. 7 people max per session.

Step 1: download the and STUDY for the test
Step 2: Register for the test
Step 3: Take the test

Special Event: Family Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency everyone has a role, even your children…we can’t expect others to know their role (ie. stay together, run, connect with mom or dad, etc.) unless we teach them. Let us help your family be prepared.

Saturday, January 9th & 23rd, 10am–1pm

In this course students will be ABLE to utilize the following skills, with their family:

  • Linking (staying connected)
  • Bleeding control (tourniquet placement)
  • Striking
  • Movement in a crisis
  • Threat ID
  • Common verbal commands
  • Abdication prevention basics
  • Safety Consideration for the home

One Parent/Adult must be at least Protector certified

5-Day Intensive Training

This 5-Day course is specifically designed to rapidly develop the team skills necessary to effectively respond to an active shooter, violent encounter/situation. During the 5 days you will learn; unarmed tactical foundation, pistol skills, and entry/movement with a pistol.

This 5 day course is equal to the P.O.P course, Able Shepherd Phase 1 & 2, and the Phase 1 & 2 Tests. Upon completion of the 5 days, you qualify to be Phase 2 certified Protector Level and you will be ready to move into Able Shepherd Phase 3 AR rifle training.

When: February 22nd–26th
Cost: $3500 per person

Please call 720-775-5674 to schedule or for more information.

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