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Protector Culture Podcast Ep 93: DC Reflections

Apr 4, 2023 | Able Shepherd Interviews

Veteran Navy SEAL outlines his plan to make schools safer

  • Parents are crying out in the wake of the Nashville school shooting for student protection
  • Navy SEAL and former CIA officer Jimmy Graham says he has a plan
  • Graham’s DEFEND plan is based on principles employed in overseas diplomat protection

Click HERE to read the full article and watch the full interview.


(NewsNation) — In the wake of this week’s shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, parents across the nation are crying out for action to protect students and staff in the U.S. from a deadly wave of gun violence that has descended upon American places of learning.

And one man — a veteran Navy SEAL and former CIA officer — says he has a plan.

That man, Jimmy Graham, joined “NewsNation Prime” to discuss his DEFEND strategy, based on protocols already employed to protect diplomats overseas. An acronym for defense, evacuate, fortify, emergency medical aid, notify others in your immediate area, and dial 9-1-1, Graham’s plan, he says, is “a model that fits over schools, churches, businesses.”

The key, Graham says, is “there must be the capability to do it.” But, he adds, it has to actually get done.

“The part that gets skipped, nationally,” Graham said, “is ‘Show me.’”

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