Founder, CEO | Lead Instructor

Jimmy spent over 15 years in the US Navy SEAL Teams earning the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E7). During that time he earned certifications as a Sniper, Joint Tactical Air Controller, Range Safety Officer for Live Fire, Dynamic Movement and Master Training Specialist. He also served for 7 years as an Operator and Lead Instructor for an Elite Federal Government Protective Detail for High-Risk and Critical environments, to include; Kirkuk, Iraq, Kabul, Afghanistan, Beirut, Lebanon and Benghazi, Libya. During this time he earned his certification for Federal Firearms Instructor, Simunition Scenario Qualified Instructor and Certified Skills Facilitator. Jimmy has trained law enforcement on the Federal, State, and Local levels as well as Fire Department, EMS and Dispatch personnel. He has traveled across the nation training communities in order to enhance their level of readiness in response to active shooter situations. Graham and his team of experts provide hands-on training in both armed and unarmed solutions to terrorist attacks, active shooter threats and potential life-threatening situations.

Neil Pinkham

Chief Operating Officer

When I attended the opening of the Active Shooters Response Training Center (ASRTC), I was instantly hooked; both to it and Jimmy Graham.  I achieved the Able Shepherd rating 14 months later.  I’m amazed that I was able to accomplish this, and I still hold the record for being the oldest to do it.  While I have always felt a great need to provide for and protect my loved ones, I never knew I could attain such skills to assist me in this endeavor.  After finishing a 38-year career as an executive in construction, it is my honor to be the COO of this program.

Skip Miller


Skip has been a student of defensive shooting for over 25 years.  He served as an infantryman with the 10th Mountain Division from 1989-1993.  During this time he deployed to Panama (twice) and to the Middle East.  For the past 12 years he has owned a CrossFit gym, teaching efficient human movement to everyone from soccer moms to Olympic athletes and everyone in between.  On the competitive CrossFit side, he has coached over 30 different athletes to the CrossFit Games.  Those athletes have earned a total of 6 podium finishes.  Skip is also a multiple Iron Man finisher. Skip was involved with the Able Shepherd Program since the beginning and was the 4th person to earn the Able Shepherd qualification.  He became an ASP Instructor shortly after.  As an instructor, Skip provides hands on training in both armed and unarmed techniques, active shooter response training, and shoot/no shoot training.   He is both a NRA Range Safety Officer and a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.  Skip currently holds the ranking of Master in the following IDPA divisions: Stock Service Pistol, Enhanced Service Pistol, and Compact Carry Pistol.

Parker Mansour


Parker achieved Able Shepherd certification in 2017, and has been trained directly by Jimmy Graham, Veteran Navy Seal.  Parker became a certified RSO (Range Safety Officer) late 2017 and became certified NRA Instructor shortly there after.  At the beginning of 2018, Parker achieved the rank of Instructor in the Able Shepherd program. As an instructor, Parker provides hands-on training in both armed and unarmed solutions, active shooter threats, and potential life-threatening situations.