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The Able Shepherd Programs

P.O.P (Protect our People)

The POP class can be taken as a complete stand-alone class. It is also a prerequisite for the full Able Shepherd Program. 4 hours.

Welcome to Able Shepherd

This Class is an introduction into Able Shepherd. This class is optional and can be taken as a stand alone class before or after the P.O.P Class.

  • Pistol Safety
  • Basic Marksmanship
  • Basic postures and grips
  • Range Safety
  • Beginner Gear Options

The Program

At the core of all that Able Shepherd offers is the proven progressive training route that we commonly refer to as “The Program”. Students transition through each phase at their own pace while laying the foundation on which to build. Students must pass predetermined phase milestones prior to advancing to the next phase. 

5-Day Intensive Training

5-Day Intensive Training

This 5-Day course are specifically designed for groups of 5 or more with an interest in rapidly developing the team skills necessary to effectively respond to an active shooter violent encounter/situation.

Due to the rapid advancement of the curriculum, this option is not recommended for beginners.

This course is a favorite with our out-of-town guests.

Full-Spectrum Safety Programs

For everyone from teachers to the security professional.

School Security

We have presented a solution to provide proven physical stops within schools. This is not another theory, this is what we have done, and what we will continue to do.

Corporate Security

We currently work with a wide variety of corporate clients in order to make their workplace safe for those in their care.

Church Security

We pride ourselves in providing the most effective individual and team church security training available today.

Civic Security

Our company was developed in 2012 to provide elite-level training to law enforcement and government agencies at any level. We currently specialize in taking professionally trained individuals and teams to the next level.

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