What is our program all about?

P.O.P (Protecting our People)

This is our introductory prerequisite class that gives you the chance to see what we're all about. 

This class demonstrates the basics of armed and unarmed self-defense, and gives you an insight into our program and reality-based training structure, and it's a ton of fun!

The POP class can be taken as a complete stand-alone class and is open to the public with no membership required.

Once you complete the POP class and you're ready for more, you can start a membership and begin the full Able Shepherd Program. 

The Able Shepherd Program

Following completion of the POP course, you can begin to progress through the Able Shepherd Program which consists of 4 "Phases". 

Phases 1, 2, and 3 teach you continually advancing skills with a pistol, rifle, and special tactics for the live shooting range and simulation room entries in teams.

Each Phase ends with a test to ensure your skills are retained and you are prepared for the next level. 

Following the completion of Phase 3 you are eligible to test for the status of Able Shepherd, and progress to advanced training and special events in Phase 4.  Practice classes, drills and private training sessions are available eat any time to help you hone your skills before a test.

You can purchase a membership of two classes for 1/2 price rates, or sign up for classes individually.

The Process

Take the POP Course

This 4-hour class is the prerequisite to the entire Able Shepherd program.  Learn the basics of self-defense and gain an insight to reality-based simulation training.  Open to the public with no membership requirement.

Purchase a Membership

Once you’ve taken the POP class we promise you’ll be hooked and ready for more!  Purchase a membership or sign up for individual classes as you go.

A membership gets you 2 classes per-month for the price of one!


Sign up for a Class

Now that you’ve completed the POP Course and purchased a membership, it’s time to dig in!  To register for a class you must first log in to the calendar.







Active Shooter Response Training Center

(Main Location)
6649 S. Paris Street
Centennial, CO 80111

Able Shepherd Headquarters

7146 S. Tucson Way
Unit A
Centennial, CO 80111