School Security


School Safety

Unfortunately, our children are being targeted in schools. Like it or not, the models currently in place are inadequate to effectively protect them. We have presented a solution to provide proven physical stops within schools. This is not another theory, this is what we have done, and what we will continue to do. Please contact us on making your school safer today.


Unarmed DEFEND Training sessions for staff

These trainings are an unarmed introduction to our DEFEND training modules. These modules are made up of Defense, Evacuate, Fortify, Emergency Medical Aid, Notify others, and Dial 911. Once we develop this foundational understanding we can work further on improving the safety of your team.

Armed Protection Services

 Simply put, we searched hard for a company that we would recommend to provide armed response to our children’s school and we could not find one… so we started one. WE ONLY OFFER THIS SERVICE FOR SCHOOLS. Please contact us for pricing as all AP Services are customized per client objectives and requests.

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