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Protector Culture Podcast Ep 93: DC Reflections

Sep 14, 2020 | Able Shepherd Interviews

September 14, 2020  95 min

It is possible for a slinky to be a fun toy. Joe Rogan talks about having Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the podcast for a break. The Trump Unity Bridge responded to BLM with a MAGA YMCA dance party. Gov. Jared Polis extends the mask mandate in Colorado. Mandy is pissed and compares data from Sweden to Colorado. Music venues are not happy with the Broncos getting special treatment with events.

Proposition 116 and 117 will benefit Coloradoans by lowering income taxes and forcing legislation to ask for permission to pass something that brings in over $100 million respectively. The Douglas County superintendent is under investigation for … something. Amendment B will repeal the Gallagher Amendment. Everything the democrats put on the ballot will raise taxes.

Jimmy Graham (Navy SEALS veteran and CEO of Able Sheperd Training Program) discusses his Stand in the Gap Initiative that helps people prepare and connect with others with the same mindset.

Democrats could use the nuclear option to nullify the election if Trump wins. They are already war gaming the outcome and want to get rid of the filibuster.

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