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Protector Culture Podcast Ep 93: DC Reflections

Aug 9, 2016 | Uncategorized

August 9, 2016

You work in an office. A seemingly innocuous environment. The worst thing that usually occurs is that the earnings are down. The company is based in a mid-sized, fairly confined office building, most of the employees are fairly educated and everyone seems to have a good mental state, but you never know. Take a snapshot really quick and evaluate the situation.


That guy in the corner office with a ten-pound bass on the wall, and a bunch of smiling-family pictures, is going through a nasty divorce and drinking every night. The seemingly quiet programmer with a degree from MIT that makes his own computers in his spare time. Your smiling friend from accounting that seems a little weird but is generally a nice guy, he does seem to like video games a bit too much. All of these people could contribute to an unsafe situation at work, then again, it will probably be someone you never expected.


The solution is not living in fear, it is being prepared. At Able Shepherd we offer comprehensive active shooter response training for individuals, law enforcement, and corporate settings.The main thing is to remember is that the more training you have, the better your chances of survival. We offer individualized training for your personal defense needs.


The time to act is before a situation occurs. Think about it like buying an umbrella in Denver; you probably will never use it but, that one time you need it, it is a lifesaver. Our courses provide training in safety, situational awareness, working as a team, defense and firearm training. We will teach you how to assess situations and react in a way that will save not only your life, but the lives of others. If you think that it is time to learn the skill that can keep you alive in an active shooter situation, contact us for training.

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